We are experience we are innovative and we are knowlegable. Therefore we provide value to our customers

The companies that we join together are long-standing friends and have worked together on various projects over time. We have carried out work in the Latin American region for important companies. This synergy has led us to devise and build new products that have been recognized and awarded in the market.

  • Ingenuity award 2016
  • Ingenuity Award 2017

This is why we decided to get the best out of each one and together to consolidate efforts and offer them to other markets where the union consolidates us as a robust supplier to meet great challenges.

Together we add:

+25 years in the market
+250 employees

We have clients in more than 12 countries such as Canada, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Panama, Chile.

Who We Are 12BSC Consortium

  • We United to offer Financial Solutions
  • We United to offer Educational and Tourism Solutions
  • We United to offer Tecnology 4.0 Solutions