Software Factory.
At 12bsc we offer software development services in an agile way based on the simplified management of schedules and resources with the best practices and the highest quality standards in the software industry.


Custom Development
At 12BSC we develop information systems in an agile and personalized way that adjust to the needs of the organizations. Our systems are divided in a modular and scalable way, which facilitates their administration and the integration of new functionalities, generating an optimization in the operation, fewer interventions and lighter maintenance.


At 12BSC we advise companies in the selection of development methodology, good software practices in order to increase their operating performance and reduce operating costs.



We provide software manufacturing services, information systems development, mobile applications and cloud services for companies.


We have extensive experience in the development of custom applications in different technologies, platforms, databases and programming languages to generate advanced, modern, open solutions capable of making a difference in the market in our clients’ processes.


We have experience as a software manufacturer with more than 100 solutions implemented in different clients and in different market segments segments such as health, education, government, oil, manufacturing.