Solution for the detection, control and management of operations related to fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing

  • Methodological optimization: Design based on research with a scientific approach
  • Operational optimization: Operational simplicity. Facilitates the daily activities of compliance units and fraud investigation units, having everything in one place
  • Design based on architecture oriented towards microservices and cloud computing, with abstraction of operating systems and databases. Disruption through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Chatbots. Integration with graph theory.
  • Usability optimization: Ease of use and navigation, multilingual reports and fully customizable business intelligence (BI) charts.
  • Security optimization: secure access. Role-based access controls and specific or special permissions (RBAC +). Sensitive data protection. Complete and detailed audit.
  • Cost optimization: fewer applications, fewer licenses, fewer products, less infrastructure, less maintenance, MORE savings.
  • Optimization of information processing: Receipt of information from different data sources with dynamic assignment.

Self-Control System for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.

Customer insight, compliance program, record keeping, reporting, alerts, and risk assessment.

  • Comprehensive solution, technology + Consulting.
  • Full compliance with AMLTF regulations.
  • Solution adaptable to companies of any size and industry

is a specialized software platform for Credit Unions, Banks,  Small&Medium financial companies and microfinancial entities that cover Financial Risk Management, including: Anti Money Laundering (AML) Management, Credit Risk Management, Liquidity Risk Management and Operational Risk Management.

  • Modular
  • Parametric
  • Experience in more than 3 countries and different regulations
  • Align to laws and normative
  • Database/infraestructure independent
  • Services layer for integration with external software and Core System
  • On-Premise, Leasing, SaaS or hybrid models