It is a cloud service that allows the user to register their clients, their products or physical places with georeferencing, plan and manage the logistics of the visit routes of these products or physical places, carry out traceability in the actions carried out by the operators who make visits to these geo-referenced places and marked with QR codes.

It helps to carry out inventory control, the traceability of the logistics operation and the management of new visits or other activities, this through procedures for predicting the dates of future visits; The TAG ON TIME SERVICE is based on third party or proprietary software to read QR codes from mobile devices and requires an internet connection.

  • Your people can record the places they visit point by point and send evidence of what they did
  • We can help your company to double the number of visits that are currently made (it can go from 5 to 10 in one day).
  • Have a point-to-point record of the activities carried out.

It is a solution designed to support the different educational processes that are developed in the classrooms of the Institutions and surroundings in order to seek to improve the educational quality of students and teachers.


Solution for kindergartens, schools and colleges, which allows the online registration of students by institution, shift and grade in such a way that, from a centralized entity such as the municipality or department, they can have all the information in a single database. in her students.


  1. Academic administration
  • Institution information
  • Individual management of conferences
  • Teacher attendance control
  • Allocation of academic load per teacher
  • Schedule Assignment Wizard
  • Visualization and control of class schedule by group and teacher
  • Definition of study plans
  • Generation of evaluation lists
  • Academic information of the students
  • Student log. Event log
  • Control of student attendance
  • Assignment of the institution’s logo to include in newsletters
  • Systematization of qualifications, registration and printing of bulletins,
  • diplomas and minutes
  • Reports, graphs and tables for basic student management
  1. Virtual Education

It is a solution designed to support the different educational processes that take place in the classrooms of the Institutions and environment in order to seek to improve the educational quality of students and teachers.

With this module developed in a dynamic and modular learning environment, we seek to offer another learning scheme as an alternative for educational entities. With this scheme, educational entities are provided with learning tools focused on ICTs and OVAs.

  • Allows you to monitor students
  • A single Database for the different headquarters of the institution
  • Online communication with parents
  • Solve the assignment of transport routes by georeferencing

Shotel is a cloud solution for hotel management (PMS) that allows you to have control of guest income, guest departure and consumption made. It has integration with channels of online sales (OTAS), online reservations, electronic payment for reservations, augmented reality, waitresses, integration with sheet metal hardware, among others.

  • Digital marketing
  • Web pages, positioning
  • Augmented reality
  • Waitress module
  • Sheet module
  • Search and reservation channel