Central platform for car, motorcycle, heavy equipment and parts suppliers

A management software used by distributors, car dealers, heavy machinery, agricultural, industrial, motorcycles, trucks and buses that seek to optimize their processes, improve their management, work more efficiently, lower costs and sell more.

  • Contact Center, integrate digital channels and sales forces in a single customer journey
  • Multi-tenant compensation and sales force
  • Scheduled maintenance for customer vehicles or equipment

Solutions to robotize your company processes.

Pre-build bots to suit customers or repair bots to customers who need this service or build new bots or support on whatever technology they may have

  • This technology saves hundreds of hours of manual and repetitive tasks every day in a company
  • Allow your employees to spend less time completing a task and deliver better and more value to their work.
  • Our bots can generate data to improve business decisions as they analyze the flow of data in your process